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Arena Red Ice Update

Members of IMHA,

             The Town of Innisfail hosted a meeting last night for all of the user groups that have been affected by the Red Arena closure.  We have finally been given some concrete information regarding the plan and timeline in getting the ice surface back up and running.  There have been a lot of questions and rumors floating around the past couple of weeks and hopefully we are able to address some of those items here.

             The Town has secured a portable chiller to get the Red side back into service.  They are hoping to have the chiller here by the end of the month.  Once the chiller is here, some work will probably have to be done to ensure that it will work with our ice plant set up.  It is not immediately known what, if any work, will need to be done to make the portable chiller compatible.  Once the chiller has been cleared to work properly, the Town will begin making ice. 

             As of today, IMHA anticipates the Red arena will be back in operation sometime in the first couple of weeks in December.  Once we have permission from the Town to begin skating on the Red ice again, our practice schedule will return to normal.  Until that time, IMHA will be running on a week to week practice schedule.  We will continue to shuffle teams and times around in the attempt to make sure everyone has at least one practice slot each week.  The Figure Skating Club has loaned us 2 hours of ice per week to help us out.  There is also the option of early morning practices to any team that may be interested.  As well, we have permission from the Town to currently use the Red ice surface for any teams wishing to do some dryland workouts with their players.  Please book any Red ice dryland sessions through the Minor Hockey Office.

             For any teams that have had to cancel their home tournament as a result of the Red ice closure, we have talked to the Town and have a couple of options that would still allow these tournaments to take place.  Teams can look at the possibility of having a tournament during the Christmas break.  Exact dates would have to be determined.  The other option available is in the month of March.  The Town has agreed to keep both ice surfaces in for the month of March if there is interest from teams in hosting their tournament at that time.  Please contact the Minor Hockey Office if you have any interest in those options to reschedule your tournament.

             Lastly, IMHA would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this uneasy time.  We realize that it has not been easy for parents, coaches or managers to be trying to plan their lives on a week to week basis.  Everyone has done a great job of working together and making some sacrifices in order for IMHA to run as smooth as possible and it has not gone un-noticed.  We will continue to keep everyone posted if and when any new information becomes available.

Stephen Bates

IMHA President

Posted on 10/19/2016

Referee Clinic on Saturday, October 22nd

The referee clinic is scheduled for this coming Saturday, Oct 22nd beginning at 9:00 am.  The following instructions are necessary to follow in order to register and complete the online course prior to the clinic.

Referee clinics are available for online registration at Step by step tutorials can be found on the zone website at Officials MUST register before attending.

All NEW officials (didn't register last season) will be required to complete the online university course.

Officials age 12-15 are registered as Level 1; 16 and above are Level 2. Further level classifications are zone approved upon application by the official themselves. 

Posted on 10/15/2016

Next Week's Practice Schedule - October 17-21

Attached is the interim practice schedule for the coming week.  Further changes may be made from week to week.
Interim Practice Schedule Oct 17-21
Posted on 10/14/2016

Red Ice Cancellation

Minor Hockey has been advised by the Town of Innisfail that ice on the Red Side of the arena has been cancelled indefinitely due to a mechanical failure with the ice plant.  Please note that all practice schedules for next week will be reworked and posted as soon as they are available.  The new interim schedules will be posted on the IMHA website as well as being distributed by team managers and directors.
Posted on 10/06/2016

Respect in Sport Parents

All families are required to complete the online Respect in Sport Parent course.  Each of the children playing hockey must be linked to their parent's certification.  The Hockey Alberta link is 
Posted on 09/18/2016

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